Zanda Zakuza

Synthia The Journey

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Zanda Zakuza’s distinct vocal delivery gives ‘Synthia (The Journey)‘ a melodious lift that is simply thrilling. Featuring Doc Shebeleza, Bongo Beats, Spirit Banger and Dr Moruti, this journey is worth the trip.

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1: Zanda Zakuza – Hamba (feat. Bongo Beats)

2: Zanda Zakuza – Hair To Toes (feat. Bongo Beats)

3: Zanda Zakuza – Magic of Love (feat. Spirit Banger)

4: Zanda Zakuza – All I need

5: Zanda Zakuza – Wadika (feat. Dr Moruti)

6: Zanda Zakuza – Amaza (feat. Dr Moruti)

7: Zanda Zakuza – Vumani(Ewe) [feat. Spirit Banger]

8: Zanda Zakuza – Mbizana (feat. Dr Moruti)

9: Zanda Zakuza – Ngiphe (feat. Doc Shebeleza)

10: Zanda Zakuza – Moonlight

11: Zanda Zakuza – Udlala Kabi

12: Zanda Zakuza – Lilo (feat. Spirit Banger)


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