Heavy K ft. Ntombi & Niniola.

Let Them Talk

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Heavy K – Let Them Talk ft. Ntombi & Niniola. New Realease – Anouncement  – “LET THEM TALK” inspired by how much I trust & believe in my woman no matter what the world thinks of her! Or us All the negative energy & comments actually made us much stronger than ever! This song is proof that no matter how much people can body shame me or call my woman a “gold digger” we do not care! You can carry on talking & no matter what people will always talk anyway, like a fat person doesn’t deserve all the nice things in life? Unfortunately I choose to differ there’s nothing that my body shape can stop me from! The man inside this body! Is a beast & a believer no one can stop & come close to my greatness! I haven’t started. Those who haven’t felt my wrath it’s ok take your time, soon or later you will. I don’t normally do this but ye sekunjalo I’ve said it


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